So I see you are interested in fishing? So am I!

Kaikoura Fishing Tours skipper Tomo, has had years of experience at sea, taking fisher men and women on fishing adventures in the beautiful Kaikoura area.

The main trip he offers is a two hour excursion with the opportunity to catch a variety of fish, including the infamous crayfish (New Zealand lobster) which are plentiful around the Kaikoura coastline. However, three and four hour excursions are also available, as well as a full day trip.

The name Kaikoura, given to this area by Maori, literally translates to food (kai) and lobster (koura), reflecting the abundance of this food source in the area. Easy to catch fin fish include sea perch, which are particularly abundant, delicious to eat and can often be caught two at a time on a double rig leader. Blue cod are also abundant, and are regarded as one of the finest eating fish in New Zealand.

Other fish, such as Terakihi, Gurnard and Grouper are often caught, but the thrill for many is when it comes time to haul in the crayfish pots. When these are hauled to the surface, more often than not they contain crayfish. You then help to re-bait the pot, sort and measure the crayfish (to comply with New Zealand fisheries regulations), and are able to take some home with you.

With fishing there are never any guarantees, but in most cases you will likely take home one of these magnificent eating crustaceans for your evening meal!

For the more serious anglers, upgrade your fishing adventure trip to a full day deep sea excursion and be in the running to catch grouper, blue nose and sharks. At a depth of 250 metres of water, giant grouper lurk and are readily caught on the fishing equipment and baited lures we provide you with. This could be your opportunity to catch the biggest fish ever in your lifetime! Grouper can weigh up to 40 kgs, are a thrill to catch and excellent eating.

Whether you choose a 2, 3, 4 hour or full day trip, your fish will be processed for you in transit, bagged up and be ready to take away with you upon your departure. Baiting of hooks, the sorting out of tangles and even removing the fish from the hook can all be taken care of by Tomo’s deckhand.

Tomo has vast fishing experience and is your basic and classic Kiwi bloke! A dry sense of humour and a passion for ensuring that you receive the best possible fishing experience he can deliver, a great day awaits you on Kaikoura Fishing Tours.

So get in touch with Anita or Tomo and organise your trip today.